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President Barack Obama is having the worst week ever. On top of three erupting scandals, the IRS targeting conservative groups, AP wiretapping, and Benghazi whistle blowers, he stepped into another. He was pictured at a rainy press conference with the Prime Minister of Turkey.

We don't think Marines should be holding umbrellas in the rain. If you agree, help support MAF by sending $25, $50 or $100 so we can get the word out. #semperdry

Two U.S. Marines were forced to hold an umbrella over the heads of state after the White House requested it, to keep Obama dry while he talked with the press. Never mind the staffers who are supposed to assume this role, Obama wanted another good photo op and ordered the Marines to hold the umbrellas.

Marines are taught in basic training to NEVER carry umbrellas when in their Dress Blue Uniforms. Twitter and Facebook are blowing up with people mocking Obama for yet another bumbling failure of leadership.

The scene would be comical if not for the very serious subtext: Why are the Marines good enough to hold an umbrella to keep Obama's head dry, but not good enough to respond to an ongoing terrorist attack in Benghazi where the lives of our diplomats are at stake?

When Special Forces teams in Tripoli wanted to come to the rescue of Ambassador Chris Stephens and others, they were told "stand down," but when it starts raining at the White House, Obama says
"hold my umbrella."

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